Getting Real with Your New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is around the corner, and as most people, you are probably starting to think about your New Year’s Resolutions.

A new year offers the promise of a fresh start, a clean slate…..  a chance to better yourself and fire up for the changes you would like to make.

Resolutions are crucial, not only on New Year’s Eve but all year round….. Reflecting on what has been, deciding to improve a certain area of our life, setting deadlines and action plans to achieve your goals…. Being willing to make changes and commit to them ….. This is the behavior of highly successful people!

New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be goals you give up on at the breakfast table on the 2nd of January…. They should be meaningful, they should be achievable, they should be measurable and they should truly change your life for the better.

To help you, I have put together a very simple guide:

1.  Reflect 

The hardest part is to figure out what really needs to change or to be improved in your life. I’m going to give you 3 tools, you can use them all or choose one of them, it’s up to you:

  1. What are the main highlights of your year?
  2. What accomplishment or achievement are you most proud of this year?
  3. What was your most meaningful learning this year?
  4. What was your wisest decision this year?
  5. What risks did you take this year?
  6. Who had a great impact on your life this year? (Have you told them?)
  7. When did you most feel loved this year?
  8. What was the most loving contribution you performed this year?
  9. How would you sum up your year in one sentence?
  10. What unfinished/incomplete projects or goals are you going to work on in the new year?
  • The Roles You Play

Think about all the roles you play in your life, in the life of others, in your city, in your country and on this planet….. Are you a parent? A son/a daughter? A brother/ a sister?  Are you a boyfriend? A wife? Are you an uncle? A niece?  A friend? A manager? A team player? You might play a role in your city? In your school? In your religious community?

Think about it …. This is a great exercise! Write down all the roles you play in your life and highlight the ones that truly matter to you. Out of those you have highlighted, how well did you play your roles this year? Are there any that need serious work?

  • The Wheel Of Life

Consider each area of your life and assess what’s off balance.

Think about it:

You have reviewed and assessed the year … You know what roles to play better and what areas of your life need your focus…..Pick the 3 or 4 most important and think about what would success look like? How will you be able to measure you have been successful? Be specific.

3. Take A Good Look At What May Get in the Way

Be it the fear of change, the fear of uncertainty, a lack of energy, the fear of failure, a lack of time, money or knowledge, it’s crucial to be honest with yourself and find out what exactly may be getting in your way. Once you know, it’s easier to work on those challenges and overcome them!

4. Commit to Yourself & Make it Visual 

Don’t simply think about your goals, make sure they are visible and in front of your eyes every day of the year to come. Whether you want to write them down and stick them on your mirror or create a vision board, that’s up to you…. but making them visually present in your life will help you commit to them.

5. Get a Support System

It’s crucial to commit to yourself, but it’s also crucial not to be alone in your quest. Firstly, tell your loved ones and get their buy-in. They will hold you accountable and will give you their support and that’s what you need.  Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from those who do not support your decision and most importantly, surround yourself with people who are following a similar journey as well as people who have resources to help you!

6.  Make Space

You will need to make space for the change you have decided to make! It might be physical space, it might be space in your schedule, and it might be distancing yourself from some people in your life…. Be aware and willing to make that space.

7. Take Small Actions

Whatever your goal is, break it down into small tasks on a specific timeline. It will suddenly look achievable…. One step at a time!

8.  Celebrate

Not only should you celebrate your New Year’s Eve and the successful new you ….. but remember to celebrate every achieved goal, every victory, no matter how small…. This will give you the rewarding feeling you are after and it will give you the courage and the energy to keep it up!

Good Luck!

Should you wish to continue the conversation and set the foundation for a successful new year, feel free to get in touch, I would be delighted to support you in your journey.

Emeline Roissetter

Emeline, Founder of MomentuM, is a highly-accomplished coach with a unique background in supporting talented individuals and businesses reach their full potential through customized solutions. Read More


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