5 Career Tips for 2017

As a Coach, one question I get asked a lot recently is “What are your career advice to succeed in 2017?”. As I was answering this question for a global magazine, I realized I needed to share my top five tips with all of you. So here it goes:

  1. Grow Your Network

The people surrounding you have a direct impact on the direction that your life is taking….Similarly, everything you never got to do, the places you never got to see, the skills you never got to learn, the opportunities you never imagined… those too are related to the network you do not have.

Finding your dream job or furthering you career is nearly impossible to do alone.

Additionally, the vast majority of career opportunities are not advertised or you simply never come across them. Building your network will help you open doors to countless opportunities.

You won’t necessarily meet someone who just happened to have your dream job available…. But people recommend people they like, you might meet someone who could put you forward for that dream job.

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       2. Don’t Wait To Be Desperate To Consider Opportunities

Don’t put yourself in a situation of despair! The worst thing you can do is feel like an interview is your only hope! That is simply too much pressure.

Stay open to interviews, even if you are enjoying your current situation, even if you are not necessarily looking for a new opportunity. Always be aware of what is available out there, stay up to date!

Not being desperate for a job gives you the freedom to walk into an interview full of confidence! It also gives you a chance to practice your skills and have some fun! You get to meet new people, expand your network, discover a new environment and the chance to learn something about yourself… And who knows, you may just find an opportunity you cannot refuse!

      3. Change Your Perspective About Interviews

Most people go to an interview and put the job and the company on a pedestal even before knowing anything about them, resulting in feeling intimidated, small and insecure…. The people you are going to meet are human beings, just like you, so instead of paralysing yourself by seeing them as some sort of gods holding your future in their hands, start wondering whether or not they are good enough for you!

Don’t be afraid to observe and ask the right questions to find out if they are the right fit for you.

An interview is a dialogue where 2 parties try to understand whether or not they want to join in a working relationship. Remember that! You can and should interview them as must as they are interviewing you!

(For more tips on how to prepare for interviews, read “6 Tips To Feel Confident For Your Next Interview” )

      4. Further Your Knowledge In A Specific Area Of Expertise

Regardless of your line of work, it is important to continue to further your education in your line of work or in the line of work you would like to move towards. Firstly because employers truly value candidates who take the initiative to further themselves, secondly because being an expert in one specific area gives you a competitive advantage.

Also, in order to stay engaged, motivated and excited about your career and your life, it is crucial to keep growing, to keep challenging yourself and to gain new perspectives.

An easy way to do that is to gain global perspective. In today’s world, it is crucial to understand International Best Practice and that could truly set you apart and move your forward.

      5. Stay On Top Of The Technology Advancements In Your Field 

Whether we like it or not, technology is the present and the future of our world, regardless of your industry and line of work. Stay up-to-date with the technological trends and innovations in your field. This will not only make your job and your life easier, it will also increase your value to your current or potential employers.

Consider taking the time to learn about new technologies, be it by yourself or by taking a course. This is an investment that can propel your performance, your efficiency and your value.

Would you like some support in identifying and going after your next career move? Do you need help making sure your CV is powerfully convincing? Are you wondering what other avenues you could take to find exciting opportunities? Do you simply need help in finding a new job?  A few sessions with a Career Coach might just be all you need to start the year on the right foot with clear goals, a specific action plan and the required support to take you forward. 

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Emeline Roissetter, Founder / Professional Coach, MomentuM Coaching & Consulting

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