Your Guide to Creating a Vision Board

A Vision Board is a tool that will help you clarify, visualize, concentrate and maintain focus on your goals. It is literally a board filed with pictures, sentences, words..etc, representing all the specific details of the life (or the goals) you want to achieve.

It is a very fun and easy way to turn general desires into specific and achievable goals. By visualizing your dreams, you will slowly align your state of mind and your actions with your visions. After some time you will feel the emotions represented on your board and eventually you will realize you made your goals come true.

Worth trying right???

A Few Tips Before We Get Started:

  • The exercise should be based on intuition; you have to follow your gut at every step of the way. So don’t over think it!
  • Don’t be afraid to dream BIG! Do not limit yourself to pictures that seem realistic. Being realistic will defeat the purpose.
  • Don’t hesitate to add elements that seem like they do not make sense or do not have any meaning…. As long as it speaks to your gut, this is what matters. For example, a picture of a beach might not mean anything when it comes to your goals, but maybe it inspires you to be relaxed, therefore it has its place on your board! Again, don’t over think, if it speaks to your soul, put it up!


Step 1 – Select One Or More Areas Of Focus

You can either select one area of your life you want to focus on, or you can have a broader vision of what you wish your whole life to look like…. It’s up to you. To get you thinking, here are a few categories to consider:

Love & Romance Wealth & Prosperity
Career Health & Wellness
Mind & Soul Family & Community
Travel & Adventure Creativity & Hobbies
Education & Self Growth Spirituality & Religion

If you feel lost and have no idea what to focus on, I suggest you just start at Step 3 and find images that speak to you even if you have no idea why. Just go with your gut and trust your intuition…. You would be surprised to see how your brain makes interpretations and associations you might not be aware of.


Step 2 – Decide Where You Will Place Your Vision Board

Once completed, this board needs to appear in front of your eyes every single day….. The idea is that it should act as a constant reminder to your brain….. a reminder to make you notice the pieces of information in your reality that relate to your goals. Choose a place you cannot miss, don’t hesitate to put it in more than one place in different formats. Here are a few places/formats you might want to consider:

On the wall facing your bed On the wall next to your TV
Wallpaper on your phone/ Laptop/Tablet On the inside of your wardrobe doors
On the wall above your desk (at home or at work) Your cover picture on Facebook
The wall facing your toilet seat at home Around your mirror
On your Fridge Think, what do you look at every single day???

Once you know where it will go, you will have a better idea of the surface you will have to cover and therefore the amount of elements you will need to find.


Step 3: Create The Environment That will Allow Creativity

This exercise might take a few hours, maybe a few days…. Therefore it is crucial you make it as fun and relaxing as possible. Take it as a moment you are gifting yourself to refocus and succeed. Schedule some time alone, prepare yourself a yummy snack, put some music on, light up a few candles….whatever will create an environment of peace and allow positive thinking.


Step 4: Collect The Elements Of Your Board

Now that you have decided where you want to place your board and on which format, you can start collecting all the elements you need. Check out old magazines, old photographs, browse the internet, take your own pictures of things you love, have a look at your Pinterest Boards or the things you love on Instagram. Additionally, type words, sentences, quotes you love….. They will act as positive affirmations, it can be as simple as “I can do this” or “Make it Happen”.

At this stage, it doesn’t matter if it matches the area of your life that you are exploring. For now, just focus on any image, word, etc. that feels any kind of good to you when you look at them.


Step 5: Put It Together

You now have more than enough elements to fill up the space you have decided to dedicate to your Vision Board. Go through them one more time and select the ones that really speak to you the most.

Put your collage together! Shuffle things around until it feels absolutely right! Remember you will have to look at it every day so make sure it is appealing to you and fills you up with positive vibes. J


Step 6: Admire Your Board  

Did you know that for anything to become a habit, you need to do it over and over again for a minimum of 21 days in a row? Fascinating right?

Well, paying attention to your Vision Board should become a true habit…. That’s the only way it will work! So pay attention to your board and make the effort to look at it thoroughly for at least 21 days in a row. After that, you will look at it without even noticing it!

Here Are A Few Examples For Inspiration:

Emeline Omont / Founder, MomentuM Coaching & Consulting


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